benchmarQ: show how good you are!

Realize savings potential by improving quality

Bring increased transparency to your services. With the benchmarQ online rating system, highQ offers you the ideal tool. benchmarQ supports companies that want to improve the quality of their services in a targeted and measurable manner. The benchmarQ rating system was originally developed for the certification and classification of the German and European hotel industry. However, the application scope of our rating system is by no means limited to that sector. benchmarQ can be profitably used in all industries, and especially in franchises.

Classification and certification

benchmarQ enables the classification and certification of institutions, services and objects. This web-based software can manage multiple clients with separate objects (e.g. branches) and provides the ability to easily map and evaluate even complex rule sets.

Using benchmarQ, you can rapidly build your own classification system, which includes all the classification criteria and rules that are important and valuable for the quality management objectives of your organization. You can always rely on benchmarQ – a classification system that was developed by professionals and is systematically maintained and enhanced.

Several thousand objects in one system? No problem.

If you have several hundred features describing the quality of your objects, this usually requires rules such as “If feature C is satisfied, then features A and B are automatically satisfied too.” With benchmarQ, rules like this are easy to display. benchmarQ divides optional features and combinations of each into mandatory criteria.
You define multiple quality categories for your objects. The fulfillment of a category can be defined by assigning mandatory criteria and setting a minimum score that needs to be achieved. Mandatory criteria (or KO criteria) must always be met to achieve the appropriate classification category. Optional features can be used as a way to earn points. benchmarQ is multi-client capable and can manage several thousand objects (branches, houses) in a single system. If you want to run multiple independent evaluation points with a separate object pool, this is also easily achievable with benchmarQ. You can support as many clients as you wish, each with its own number of objects.

Security and flexibility through differentiated authorization management

All it takes is an internet connection to access your data on the move or capture a classification case locally. Your account determines access and authorization levels.

Auditing area with complaint management

Orderly complaints handling is an essential part of a quality management system. Alongside the targeted evaluation of objects, complaints provide another valuable validation factor for your classification system. For this reason, you can assign complaints to each object with action, follow-up action and processing status.


Mobile solutions supplement benchmarQ during on-site auditing and feature capture or the localizing of objects (Guide App).